Make her day extra special with treats from Bonjour

Mother's Day Hours: 8 AM - 4 PM 

Bonjour for Breakfast (your place or ours)

We can prepare a delectable tray or box of all Mom’s (and your) favorite breakfast sweets: Croissants: almond; chocolate almond; chocolate; butter; French cigars; assorted muffins; sweet cheese puffs; Danish; sticky buns or honey cinnamon buns

Bonjour for Brunch

Assorted Quiche: Ham & Cheese; Fresh Spinach; Artichoke; Mushroom; Smoked Salmon

Spinach in Béchamel Sauce on a buttery croissant

Savory Ham or Turkey & Cheese Croissant

Pâté en Croute (flaky puffed pastry filled with a seductively spiced pork pate)

Dessert Deliciousness

All of our classics: Strawberry Shortcake; Chocolate Mousse Cake; 

Flourless Chocolate Raspberry Sacher Torte;

Assorted Fruit Mousse on a velvety chocolate ganache base;

Tarts with almond crème and assorted fruits


Fresh Fruit on a chocolate painted shell and French Custard

For variety, pick up an assortment of our individually sized desserts!


Phone 410.372.0238 or email

Gluten Free Options Include:

Mocha Opera; Hazelnut Marjoliene; Sacher Torte; French Cheesecake and of course, classic French Macaron.