rosh Hashanah begins september 29th!

CELEBRATE ROSH HASHANAH & "Break the Fast" with something delicious from Bonjour!


These are a few of our favorites...

French Apple Tart w/French Apple Compote  $28

Bordalouse Tart $28

Apples nestled in Almond Creme 

Other fruits available include: pear, peach, apricot, blueberry, raspberry & Plum

European Apple Strudel  (Whole 8-9 servings $36)  (Half 6 servings $26) 


For Chocolate Lovers ... 

Classic Chocolate Mousse Cake $40

Sacher Torte* $40

Marjoleine Hazelnut Chocolate Torte* $40

Opera Mocha Torte* $40

Black Forest Cake $40

Cheese Cake - Plain $30..Glazed Fresh Fruit $38...Chocolate Puddle $36

And of course there are always the classics...

Fruit Mousse Cakes...Tarte du Citron...

Strawberry or Mixed Berry Shortcake

FRENCH "CHALLA" studded with golden raisins

Also availalble

Assorted Quiche...Breakfast Sweets...Savories


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