Small batch roasting is the key to the full bodied, fresh tasting coffee at Bonjour

Bonjour is proud to serve Orinoco Coffee, a small, fair trade coffee roaster in Maryland. We order only what will sell within a 7-10 day period, we grind our beans fresh daily, and strive to provide a tasty and hearty cup of coffee. 

On the coffee bar we feature coffees of the day - regular and decaf - flavored and unflavored.

At Bonjour we offer a full menu of finely crafted espresso drinks: Lattes, Americanos, Cappuccinos, Macchiatos, and Mochas.

On the tea bar we feature a large variety of  "Choice" organic, fair trade assorted teas:  green, herbal, black and fruit tea.

Hot Chocolate is the perfect after school pick-me-up.  Rich and smooth, Bonjour's hot chocolate is topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

If cold drinks are your preference, we use a "cold toddy" extraction process for all of our iced coffee drinks. This process takes 12 to 18 hours and creates a smooth, full-bodied coffee base that stands up well to ice.

Autumn iced lattes & cappuccinos made with interesting flavor and herbal additions

European Sodas:  choose from a scrumptious variety of imported French syrups stirred into fizzy water for a refreshing cold drink.

Also available: almond milk, soy milk, oat milk & chai.

(All items are subject to availability)